Dual Enrollment Within CTE

Curriculum & Career Education (CCE) office, under Innovation and Agility Department, has been working for over a year to increase the Dual Enrollment educational opportunities of high school students on both campuses through collaboration with Foothill College


Develop seamless pathways from high school to community college for career technical education or preparation for transfer to a four-year college.


Students who take courses eligible for dual enrollment earn both high school and college credit.

Courses available for Dual Enrollment

  • Pathway: Child Development; Instructor: Hilary McDaniel
    • McCHLD1: Child Growth & Development: Prenatal through Early Childhood
    • CHLD56N: Principles & Practices of Teaching Young Children
  • Pathway: Sports Medicine/Patient Care; Instructor: Stacy Kauffman
    • KINS16A: Prevention of Athletic Injuries
    • KINS 16B: Emergency Athletic Injury Care
  • Pathway: Human Anatomy and Physiology; Instructor: Randy Scilingo
    • BIOL40A: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
    • BIOL40A: Human Anatomy and Physiology II.
  • Dual enrollment in Stage Tech classes are also forthcoming.

Key Steps

  1. Students must sign-up for the course during their regular course selection.
  2. Students must apply and register with the community college:
    1. Complete application (void if they took classes last term and would like to continue in the coming term)
    2. Submit High School Permit to enroll (must complete the special admit form each quarter, even if they took classes last term).
    3. Attach unofficial transcript
    4. Register for classes with the community college